Having the correct size cane or hiking stick is crucial if you want to optimize your trek.

Lets think about a walking cane. The sizing for that is pretty simple. You want to have your arm at rest to see where it hangs according to your hip. It should be sized to perfectly come up to your wrist from the ground up. We’ve posted a diagram below, if you’re a picture person.

The sizing for a walking staff gets a little more complicated because it is very dependent on the incline or decline of your hike. If you’re going uphill, it’s nice to have a shorter stick, but if your going downhill, it’s nice to have a longer stick to help act like a third leg of sorts. So make sure your walking staff has enough length to adjust your hand accordingly. We create our walking staffs to 55″. This height is the optimal height for the majority of the population.

These are thoughts we’ll dive further into each day.

Happy hiking!