The thought of “best” cane is truly relative to your final goal. Are you thinking about the cost, fashion, style, weight; the list of aspects goes on and on.

Today, I think “best” is gunna try to tackle weight. The major factors are the type of wood used to create your walking stick and the thickness of the final cane.

First, think about how rugged of terrain you’ll be trekking. If it’s super rocky and jagged; think about having a walking staff that can withstand a lot of bending and cuts because you know it’ll get stuck between rocks pretty often. An oak staff is one of the more solid pieces that won’t snap when you need it the most, but it does have it’s added weight.

If it’s mostly prairie terrain; you could think about finding a lighter type of wood; maybe pine. There is no need to carry extra weight while you’re enjoying the views.

The thickness should be thought about in terms of ruggedness of terrain again. Thicker the wood, stronger the walking stick, but heavier the walking staff.


Antonio Gio